What is PayLid?

Send Money, Direct TopUp Online

About PayLid
How do I send money using PayLid?
  • Create your account or login. Select "Send Money" link.
  • Enter amount, your recipient's bank account & your payment information (cards, ACH, PayLid balance).
  • Verify all the information entered in step above and hit Send to complete the transaction.
  • Receive confirmation of the transaction. With PayLid, you can send as little as $20. We deliver within a few hours.


Have you sent money home to build a house and had your uncle use your hard earned dollars to marry yet another wife? Would you love to send money directly into your bank account or that of your loved ones at home from the comfort of your house anywhere in the world?, Or pay for grandma's cell phone airtime at a few clicks of a mouse? Or you want to buy gifts, food or medicine and have them delivered to your folks at home? Or Pay some of Dad's monthly bills at home?
Paylid is a comprehensive payment platform that allows you to do all of these things and more. PayLid is designed to give you more choice, more control and more convenience. Choice of what your money is targeted towards, whether sending money or buying gift vouchers or airtime or a bag of rice or paying bills. CONTROL of what your money is used for and unprecendented ability to track your remittance spending; Convenience of doing your business securely from the comfort and safety of your house, 24/7. PayLid allows users to securely target money to specific products and services when necessary and send money directly to loved ones quickly and securely on demand.
At PayLid we are committed to Africa and to creating a robust, secure and efficient payment platform that will facilitate and accelerate cross border trade to, from and within the continent. Storeface LLC ,DBA PayLid, is registered with the United States Department of Treasury as a Money Service Business, and with the to Georgia Department of Banking and Finance as a Money Transmitter. .